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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


This year i carved my pumpkin as a skull. Now for a funny story...... K I was holding the pumpkin by the stem when I was bringing it outside to carve and it broke off the stem and fell down the steps. So I had to carve it on the unbroken side which had a weird growth on it, its a good thing that the picture is so dark and you cant see it because it kind of looked like a buger. Anyway I used glue to stick the pumpkin top back on, but it didn't work that well and im afraid that Mr.Pumpkin is going to be missing his stem until he's made in to pie.

Last years pumpkin was more creative than the skull but it was a lot more messy and i couldnt enter it in any contests. Mr .Barfer was a very yummy pie but was kind of hard to clean off the mess he made on the steps.

We still have like three more pumpkins so I'll probably put up more posts on pumpkins in the next couple of weeks.

Find the cute little doggie in the picture.
(answer to last post's problem"my little red garbage can")


  • At 7:08 PM, Blogger dirtylittleslurry said…

    Hey summer
    i looked at your blog and decided to make a jack o lantern with the kids here, even though they don't really celebrate halloween here. true had a couple of mates over and they had never done it before so they were really excited. i'll try to put a pic up somewhere and then you can have a look at it.
    we checked out your page for inspiration. i really like both of your pumpkins. true really liked the barfing one. so much that he insisted on cutting a bum hole on ours and putting seeds coming out of it so it looked like it was pooping.
    boys are so fun...

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  • At 5:13 AM, Blogger kamat said…

    hi your work is so good and it looks so scary too.i will wait for the next two pictures as mentioned by you.

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  • At 8:49 PM, Anonymous Tapping Therapy said…

    You did a fantastic job on creating effects and designing your Jack o lantern. Will keep this in mind for next year's season.


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