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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


This year i carved my pumpkin as a skull. Now for a funny story...... K I was holding the pumpkin by the stem when I was bringing it outside to carve and it broke off the stem and fell down the steps. So I had to carve it on the unbroken side which had a weird growth on it, its a good thing that the picture is so dark and you cant see it because it kind of looked like a buger. Anyway I used glue to stick the pumpkin top back on, but it didn't work that well and im afraid that Mr.Pumpkin is going to be missing his stem until he's made in to pie.

Last years pumpkin was more creative than the skull but it was a lot more messy and i couldnt enter it in any contests. Mr .Barfer was a very yummy pie but was kind of hard to clean off the mess he made on the steps.

We still have like three more pumpkins so I'll probably put up more posts on pumpkins in the next couple of weeks.

Find the cute little doggie in the picture.
(answer to last post's problem"my little red garbage can")

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My New Room

We are now settled in to "Le Mance" and my room is very pretty in pink. I have pink curtins, a pink carpet, a pink lamp, pink pillow, pink bedsheets, pink bedroom set (well mostly white but pink drawer handels) and I plan to buy a pink and green blanket. Anyway I have the mini Mac set up on my drawing desk so i can play games and watch movies on it but it has no internet so its kind of sucky. My bedroom set has a place for everything so I can keep my room cleaner than ever (which still isnt very clean). I was origionally going to make an I-pad (a white room with I-pod accessories) but the carpet and curtains were already pink so i worked off that. i have enough pink stuff now so i plan to get some green stuff because pink and green are now my favorite colors and one goes with the other perfectly. Anaway that's pretty much all there is to my pink slightly boring room.
GAME OF THE MONTH (or week, or blogpost or whatever)
i spy something that is small red and full of trash............. answer on the comments and you'll win a prise (mabey if i feel like it and have one)