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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Art Portfolio

This is a blogpost of some of the stuff we did in art this year. this abstract drawing is made of oil pastels. Our teacher said Picasso made paintings like this (probably a bit better though).

This is a tappa cloth
this open took a few classes to make. We ended up drawing the quarter like 10 times. We had to do a rough draft, good draft, outline each quarter in pencil, then in pen, and then finally color it with crayons. We did this all on brown paper bag paper. Then we crumple up and iron it so Th e crayon is soaked in to the paper.

This is a clay piggy bank. We did one of these last semesters. To make it we made an empty sphere out of clay then added on the limbs with extra clay. After it’s fired we paint it and voila a piggy bank (bunny bank)

This is realistic drawing of a flower. We used chalk pastels to color it. We drew off plastic flowers. I outlined the edges darker so it doesn't look really real, but I still got 100% :).

This is the same picture of flowers but I drew it in abstract. I used chalk pastels to color them.

I did a lot more art projects this year and was still doing two more but these were the best ones.


  • At 6:55 PM, Blogger joyce said…

    You are a fantistic artist. I love your colours, especially in the last one. We'd love to see more of your portfolio. Keep it up!


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