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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Summer Debreuil AKA Business Woman

$$$ I made my first business deal this morning (this is a picture of the item I sold). I varnished this coffee table (that we got for free) and sold it for $40. I put it up on craigslist (an online site where people can buy and sell things) a couple days ago and last night somebody called to buy it and voila i'm rich (at least not broke). It took only half an hour to sand and varnish (by the way thank you grandpa for showing me how to varnish :), it made me 40 bucks). I’m going to buy souvenirs for the Canadian crowd with the money I made. Me and my brothers varnished the legs (grandpa did the top when he visited) of our kitchen table a few days ago as well. We might sell that on craigslist too but my parents kind of want to keep it.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Wow, it’s June already. Schools out in a week, the sun is out, the malls are open, the music’s playing, the beach is…… sandy I guess. Anyway it’s a pretty nice day here in
San Diego. The mail just came and we have the quilts that grandma sent.

This is a picture of my quilt on my bed. I love it. It’s nicer in real life than in the picture (that’s saying something). We got the other quilt too, its currently hanging above the couch looking pretty.

This is free and sky…..with air soft guns. Don’t worry, they haven’t been recruited or anything, they got guns for their birthday so they could go to air soft parks with their friends and shoot each other (some friends). They practice in the garage, that’s why their all dressed up now.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wild Animal Safari

The wild animal safari is like their zoo without cages. On this particular trip we were on a train going around the park (talk about lazy), and stopping a different animals to see them in their "more natural than the zoo" habitat. I don’t know exactly how long the whole train ride was but seeing how the picture of the rhinos were taken in the day and the picture of the zebras were taken in the evening on the same train ride, I’d admit that it was entirely too long. Most of the animals at the safari (and the zoo) are mostly just different types of genetically modified goats. This is a picture of an elephant’s bedroom. They sleep under it and eat there and stuff. We didnt see the elephants very well because they were a bit far away and behind some trees. The train was long but pretty cool anyway. There also is a hot air baloon that you can ride at the park. We havent gone on it yet but it seems like fun.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Art Portfolio

This is a blogpost of some of the stuff we did in art this year. this abstract drawing is made of oil pastels. Our teacher said Picasso made paintings like this (probably a bit better though).

This is a tappa cloth
this open took a few classes to make. We ended up drawing the quarter like 10 times. We had to do a rough draft, good draft, outline each quarter in pencil, then in pen, and then finally color it with crayons. We did this all on brown paper bag paper. Then we crumple up and iron it so Th e crayon is soaked in to the paper.

This is a clay piggy bank. We did one of these last semesters. To make it we made an empty sphere out of clay then added on the limbs with extra clay. After it’s fired we paint it and voila a piggy bank (bunny bank)

This is realistic drawing of a flower. We used chalk pastels to color it. We drew off plastic flowers. I outlined the edges darker so it doesn't look really real, but I still got 100% :).

This is the same picture of flowers but I drew it in abstract. I used chalk pastels to color them.

I did a lot more art projects this year and was still doing two more but these were the best ones.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mission Trails

Last Saturday we went to Mission Trails Regional Park. It was soooo hot there I felt like jumping in to the river.

This is the waterfall. Well i
t sort of looks like a broken dam but it was pretty cool.

This is a picture taken from a side trail that was beside the river.

There was rattle snakes at the park. We didn’t see one (luckily), but we passed someone who said they herd one.

It’s kind of cool that there were cougars wandering around the park. They were probably all sleeping in the sun seeing how they are cats.

Though we didn’t see any there were definitely cougars roaming around at night.