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Monday, April 03, 2006

Current Events

Well it's been like half a month since I wrote last. I’ve been kind of busy with knitting and school work. And ya, well my mom and I started watching this show "24" and it’s really addicting. There’s like twenty four hours of video in the whole season, including commercials. It’s shocking how they can keep the show on for so long. Apparently there’s like five seasons (?wow!?). In knitting I finished my first scarf and started a second one. I’m using smaller needles for my second one so it might take a while.

I was checking grandma’s blog and my quilt looks really good. I can’t wait to go and get it, it’s really awesome! School is the same as usual. We have spring break next week and there’s a school dance this Thursday. The theme is "pirate" so I got this long pirate like looking skirt. I just grabbed it of the shelf without realizing it was like 10 sizes to big. We might exchange it before the dance; otherwise I’ll just wear a belt or something and not run around so much.


  • At 4:03 PM, Blogger joyce said…

    I'm glad you like your quilt. Are you coming to get it or should I pop it in the mail? It is a bit smaller than the other ones so I put a hanging sleeve on the back so you can stick a curtain rod through it and hang it up on the wall.
    Love, Gramma


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