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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Balboa Park and the Beach

This is a picture of one of the many buildings in Balboa Park. Our original plan for the day was to eat lunch at Balboa Park then go to the Zoo but we got side tracked after lunch and stayed at the park the whole day because these people were handing out free tickets to some short films that were playing. The films really sucked and it was worse after the films when the directors started preaching about their talent. We didn’t leave right away, (out of politeness and stupidity) but after half an hour of “tips to become a good director” we left. On our way out we saw some people in the back row actually sleeping. Once we escaped and were outside of the small theatre we saw a street magician performing not far away so we decided to watch the show. The magician was pretty good, but it was easy to tell how he did his tricks. There was an art gallery not far from the exit so we stopped by to have a look. Most of the stores were closed because I was pretty late when we got there. We didn’t stay very long, but all of the art we saw was pretty cool. Anyway in other news, yesterday we went to the beach with some of my mom’s friends. The water was pretty cold to swim in so we spent most of the time throwing the football around and making sand castles. We made a trap in the sand with a towel and a hole we made. We made it by covering the big hole we dug with the towel and spreading sand on the towel. After falling in the trap lost its fun we had the problem of putting the sand back in the hole. We didn’t want to bring back all the sand so Sky got in the hole and me and free filled the remaining part with sand.


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    Balboa park and the beach! Sounds like fun. Happy Easter. Wish you were here.

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