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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

San Francisco

Last weekend we went to San Francisco it was a six hour drive, in the back of the car with Free and Sky fighting. This picture is what I saw most of the way there. I get a headache when I read in the car, so I didn’t have much to do (free kept us entertained by reading out of Sky’s book though (it really makes Sky mad)). Our destination was the Maker Faire in San Francisco (it was like the Corn and Apple, but instead of corn they had robots and instead of apples they had battery powered earrings). We went through Silicon Valley (the heart of technology and computers) on the way to the faire. Anyway, about the maker faire, there was a variety of things there. They had from homemade bicycles to clothes made of duct tape. The faire took place on earth day and the theme was to conserve the environment; this is a picture of one of the events. There was a truck full of propane or something that made the flame. I don’t know how this has to do with the theme earth day, or conserves the environment, but it looked cool so whatever. There were a lot of accessory stands. People made earrings out of guitar pic ks, key chains out of microchips, bags out of old cloth, and other stuff along that line. This is a picture of one of the stands. In one building you paid ten dollars or brought in a bag of clothes and you could use the sewing machines and other people’s clothes to make new outfits. I made some clothes myself. This is a picture of me sewing sleeves for my new, old shirt.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Balboa Park and the Beach

This is a picture of one of the many buildings in Balboa Park. Our original plan for the day was to eat lunch at Balboa Park then go to the Zoo but we got side tracked after lunch and stayed at the park the whole day because these people were handing out free tickets to some short films that were playing. The films really sucked and it was worse after the films when the directors started preaching about their talent. We didn’t leave right away, (out of politeness and stupidity) but after half an hour of “tips to become a good director” we left. On our way out we saw some people in the back row actually sleeping. Once we escaped and were outside of the small theatre we saw a street magician performing not far away so we decided to watch the show. The magician was pretty good, but it was easy to tell how he did his tricks. There was an art gallery not far from the exit so we stopped by to have a look. Most of the stores were closed because I was pretty late when we got there. We didn’t stay very long, but all of the art we saw was pretty cool. Anyway in other news, yesterday we went to the beach with some of my mom’s friends. The water was pretty cold to swim in so we spent most of the time throwing the football around and making sand castles. We made a trap in the sand with a towel and a hole we made. We made it by covering the big hole we dug with the towel and spreading sand on the towel. After falling in the trap lost its fun we had the problem of putting the sand back in the hole. We didn’t want to bring back all the sand so Sky got in the hole and me and free filled the remaining part with sand.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Current Events

Well it's been like half a month since I wrote last. I’ve been kind of busy with knitting and school work. And ya, well my mom and I started watching this show "24" and it’s really addicting. There’s like twenty four hours of video in the whole season, including commercials. It’s shocking how they can keep the show on for so long. Apparently there’s like five seasons (?wow!?). In knitting I finished my first scarf and started a second one. I’m using smaller needles for my second one so it might take a while.

I was checking grandma’s blog and my quilt looks really good. I can’t wait to go and get it, it’s really awesome! School is the same as usual. We have spring break next week and there’s a school dance this Thursday. The theme is "pirate" so I got this long pirate like looking skirt. I just grabbed it of the shelf without realizing it was like 10 sizes to big. We might exchange it before the dance; otherwise I’ll just wear a belt or something and not run around so much.