*Summer's Blog*

Monday, March 13, 2006


I'm back! Well, i'm back on blogspot anyway. I haven't been writing because Anna, Gramma, and Grandpa were here and we were pretty busy swimming and making fruit con-concoctions (every sweet thing in our house, at the store and on our neighbors orange trees mixed together in a food processor). Anyway, I’ve been knitting a lot because I joined knitting club with my friends at school. I started while Anna, Gramma, and Grandpa were here. Gramma and Anna helped a lot with the scarf, but me and Anna made a lot of mistakes so we had to start over. I’ve been working on the scarf a while now. Yesterday I finished the first ball of yarn . I made the mistake of having 30 stitches on each row so my scarf was really wide and short. i didn't want my scarf to look like Danny DeVito(you know, short and wide) so I tied the end to a new ball of yarn and I’m going to make it double the length with the blue yarn. Anyway, the other news is I got a cat sitting job from one of my mom’s friends and her husband because they're going on vacation. All I have do is feed them everyday and take out the garbage on Wednesdays. They said to stay for a while to keep the cats company (weirdoes, cat's don’t get lonely) except, I just do my homework at their house. There’s a black cat and a white cat, the white ones deaf and mute so I won’t have much to deal with. I’m totally ripping them off money wise because I only have to do it for ten days and I’m getting $$$50 dollars$$$!