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Sunday, February 05, 2006


These two pictures are of the same pig. We were making clay animals in art class at school. Free and sky don't have art class so I showed them how to make them at home. the one on the left is the one free made at home. We made them about three weeks ago. Since then this pig has been through a rough time (as you can see). it turned out looking like this because most of the parts fell off (we didn't fire it). The first thing that fell off was the eyelashes, then the feet, next the eyeball, the nose and finally the ear. Glue was the key to creating this Frankenpig. I lost the eyeball so I used a painted nickel and some black paper. We lost one of the feet so we had to substitute it with the nose, and use a clay hat for the nose. we used an extra bit of clay as the mouth but I put it kind of off center. This is a picture of the clay pig I made at school. I painted it in class and only used the colors black, white and red.


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