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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sea World

We went to Sea World today. We went to three shows: a dolphin one, a sea lion one, and of coarse the legendary Shamu. The dolphin show was amazing one of the dolphins jumped like 20 feet! The trainers trained the dolphins to splash the people in the stadium, but we didn't get to wet because we were sitting further back. The sea lion show was made in to a play (with people acting) because sea lions aren't that interesting to watch in their natural habitat (aka their lazy). The (human) actors in the show were horrible, the sea lions actually looked professional and intelligent next them(that's saying something).
The best thing there, without a doubt, was the roller coaster. It got me wet because I was in the front, but at the speed we were going most of the water flew off me on to the people behind us. We haven't tried all the rides yet so I don't know which one will be the best, but I'll bet six flags will have some roller coasters to top this one!


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