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Thursday, January 19, 2006

San Diego

This is a picture of San Diego Zoo. As you see I have a picture of a calm bird rather than a man eating (finger biting) duck. This bird is actually standing about ten feet away from this giant crocodile. Going to the zoo isn’t bad but after you go once the novelty kind of wears off. You’d think that living in California would be fun and exciting but there’s surprisingly not that much to do. Everything is either a huge rip off or just boring. Every weekend we spend like an hour deciding what to do. There’s a few things we haven’t done like go to six flags (a ginormous roller coaster park) but were waiting for a perfect weekend. Or maybe for when grandma, grandpa, and Anna come. San Diego is probably a lot more fun if you’re on vacation I guess is more a tourist place. But apparently in the summer the beach water gets heated up and that’ll be so awesome.


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    Great photo,Summer. Might be nice to see photos of your school and new friends,etc. Looking forward to Feb...Grampa


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