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Monday, January 16, 2006


This is Mimi. His life revolves around eating, sleeping and scratching. I got him a year after I got Simba, Simba usually attacks every animal that came on our farm, he tried to chase and attack Mimi to but after having a few meals taken away from him and getting hit a few times he got the idea that chasing Mimi was bad. After this, instead of attacking Mimi he just tried to be cuter than Mimi to get attention. Mimi’s ideal day would be to jump on to the counter, eat all our supper, sharpen his claws on innocent arms and legs then sleep for like 20 hours. When we went to school Mimi would spend the day soaking up sunlight and shedding hair all over my bed (he sheds hair more in a concentrated spot because he rarely ever moves).


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