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Monday, January 16, 2006

King Kong Sucks

the other day we went to see the movie King Kong. This movie had good special effects, but sadly had the same director as lord of the rings. Every scene went on and on and half the time nobody was even speaking, there was seriously 200 close ups on the ugly chimpanzee face. To add to the bad movie there was a person a few rows up wearing way to much of this manure smelling perfume. Before we went to the movie we went to the wild animal safari so we had a look at the modern animals then the Jurassic animals. We saw this huge lion that gave everybody a look as if he was about to pounce and eat us all. After visiting the lion we saw the elephants then I bought some duck food to feed the ducks that were out of the water. There were a few big ones that practicality attacked me for the food and bit my fingers when I tried to give the food to them.


  • At 7:47 AM, Blogger joyce said…

    Well, now I know not to go and see King Kong. I missed it last time around too.
    Maybe we should bring Simba along when we come to protect you from those vicious San Diego ducks.



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