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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Today we watched the movie Hoodwinked. Its was a bit boring at the start but it got better and better towards the end. My favorite character was the squirrel, he was so funny.
We are kind of over stocked on movies at the moment. It started last night when we were going to see Hoodwinked (the movie we just saw) with Kevin and Liz (my mom and dad's friends). We missed it because we thought it started later than it actually did (dad read what time the movie was showing at the wrong movie theatre) . We still wanted to see a movie so we went to a video store to rent one. We couldn't decide on one paticular movie so we ended up getting like four. Dad felt guilty about us missing the movie so we went to see it tonight.

Just when we were thinking about all the movies we watched and were going to watch in a matter of days we remembered that two of our netflix movies come tomorrow. So yah were going to be watching a lot of movies.


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