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Monday, January 30, 2006

Queen of the Mountain

This is a picture of me on top of mount San Diego (actually it’s just a mountain in San Diego). We hiked up this mountain (more like rock climbed, it was really steep) with my parent’s friends. There was a lot of fox poop and rattle snake holes on the way up so we had to keep both eyes on the ground instead of watching the scenery. After we got back to the car we went to an her Indian restaurant. The food was good, but in San Diego (away from the potato eaters) when they say spicy, they mean spicy. This is a picture of the bracelet Carm sent me. I love the flowers on it and the rocks are so cute. We aren’t allowed to wear chains in school, but I think I can get away with wearing this. Our report cards are coming any day now (they send them in the mail), but I already know most of my grades because we can check them online. I got a haircut a few days ago so this is a picture of the shorter haired me. My mom got her hair cut to and the hair dressers psyched us in to buying all this hair stuff so we ended up spending like $70 (wow!).

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sea World

We went to Sea World today. We went to three shows: a dolphin one, a sea lion one, and of coarse the legendary Shamu. The dolphin show was amazing one of the dolphins jumped like 20 feet! The trainers trained the dolphins to splash the people in the stadium, but we didn't get to wet because we were sitting further back. The sea lion show was made in to a play (with people acting) because sea lions aren't that interesting to watch in their natural habitat (aka their lazy). The (human) actors in the show were horrible, the sea lions actually looked professional and intelligent next them(that's saying something).
The best thing there, without a doubt, was the roller coaster. It got me wet because I was in the front, but at the speed we were going most of the water flew off me on to the people behind us. We haven't tried all the rides yet so I don't know which one will be the best, but I'll bet six flags will have some roller coasters to top this one!

Thursday, January 26, 2006


As you can see I haven't written on my blog for a few days now due to the fact that we've been watching movies every night, I’ve also been lazy. Yesterday was the last day of the semester and we have like four days off so I’ll have lots of time to update my blog. The only thing wrong is on days like today there's nothing to write about. My dads at work with the car so we can’t go anywhere far, Free’s sleeping so we can’t even leave the house. This sucks because Sky's driving me crazy with his attempts to whistle and my mom's whining and complaining about the mess we make.
If we want to go any further than a mile we have to travel as the family circus. We’d have Sky biking, Free skate boarding, me rollerblading and mom struggling to keep up as the jogger, because she isn’t too talented on wheels. Free and Sky's friends are coming over so I’ll probably go upstairs and watch more movies.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Today we watched the movie Hoodwinked. Its was a bit boring at the start but it got better and better towards the end. My favorite character was the squirrel, he was so funny.
We are kind of over stocked on movies at the moment. It started last night when we were going to see Hoodwinked (the movie we just saw) with Kevin and Liz (my mom and dad's friends). We missed it because we thought it started later than it actually did (dad read what time the movie was showing at the wrong movie theatre) . We still wanted to see a movie so we went to a video store to rent one. We couldn't decide on one paticular movie so we ended up getting like four. Dad felt guilty about us missing the movie so we went to see it tonight.

Just when we were thinking about all the movies we watched and were going to watch in a matter of days we remembered that two of our netflix movies come tomorrow. So yah were going to be watching a lot of movies.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Joke Game and Diet Plan

last night we were playing rummy and making really random jokes so we decided to make a joke game. How you play the joke game is choose a topic and make a joke. We usually don't get very funny jokes because half the time the jokes being made as their being said. So a lot of them have things like um, then, like, and so on. Its hard to think of a joke when you don't have much time so the jokes start to be funnier as they're lamer. Its a fun game though, especially if your hyper.
The diet plan is the idea we had. Everybody likes a diet where you can eat all you want, and this diet lets you do that. The diet involves a cork that opens every 48 hours. This is only a semi perfect diet -- one of the many problems is we can't think of a appropriate name. We thought of a few like the "pure pressure diet", "the blocker stopper", "air tight"..... It goes on, but we haven't found a perfect one yet so leave a comment with you're ideas. Who knows you could become famous (don't get your hopes up though).

Friday, January 20, 2006

Caramel Valley Middle School

this is a picture of my school. Its a outdoor school. This school is a lot harder than Miami school and the teachers are more strict. Apparently the math is really hard in Free and Sky's classes but I'm in a really easy math class. The teachers love to give out lots of homework but this week I haven't got much (its the last week of the semester). The school drama teacher is directing a Shakespeare play (twelfth night) and auditions are next week. To audition you need to read three or four verses from a different Shakespeare play.
Free,sky and Dad are playing unreal at the moment and dad is pwning free and Sky.....Not! Sky hasn't lost yet and this is like their fifth game.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

San Diego

This is a picture of San Diego Zoo. As you see I have a picture of a calm bird rather than a man eating (finger biting) duck. This bird is actually standing about ten feet away from this giant crocodile. Going to the zoo isn’t bad but after you go once the novelty kind of wears off. You’d think that living in California would be fun and exciting but there’s surprisingly not that much to do. Everything is either a huge rip off or just boring. Every weekend we spend like an hour deciding what to do. There’s a few things we haven’t done like go to six flags (a ginormous roller coaster park) but were waiting for a perfect weekend. Or maybe for when grandma, grandpa, and Anna come. San Diego is probably a lot more fun if you’re on vacation I guess is more a tourist place. But apparently in the summer the beach water gets heated up and that’ll be so awesome.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

DAILY AGENDA! (sunday edition)

10:00--WAKE UP
11:30--GET IN CAR
11:36--TURN AROUND CAR(dad forgot which side gas tank was on)
12:15--GET TO SANDY, WET, AND COLD(itchy)
1:30--GO TO FRY'S (an electronic store, very boring)
2:30--JAPANESE BOOKSTORE(fun fun fun.......Not!!!)
4:00--GO HOME

Monday, January 16, 2006


This is Mimi. His life revolves around eating, sleeping and scratching. I got him a year after I got Simba, Simba usually attacks every animal that came on our farm, he tried to chase and attack Mimi to but after having a few meals taken away from him and getting hit a few times he got the idea that chasing Mimi was bad. After this, instead of attacking Mimi he just tried to be cuter than Mimi to get attention. Mimi’s ideal day would be to jump on to the counter, eat all our supper, sharpen his claws on innocent arms and legs then sleep for like 20 hours. When we went to school Mimi would spend the day soaking up sunlight and shedding hair all over my bed (he sheds hair more in a concentrated spot because he rarely ever moves).

King Kong Sucks

the other day we went to see the movie King Kong. This movie had good special effects, but sadly had the same director as lord of the rings. Every scene went on and on and half the time nobody was even speaking, there was seriously 200 close ups on the ugly chimpanzee face. To add to the bad movie there was a person a few rows up wearing way to much of this manure smelling perfume. Before we went to the movie we went to the wild animal safari so we had a look at the modern animals then the Jurassic animals. We saw this huge lion that gave everybody a look as if he was about to pounce and eat us all. After visiting the lion we saw the elephants then I bought some duck food to feed the ducks that were out of the water. There were a few big ones that practicality attacked me for the food and bit my fingers when I tried to give the food to them.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


this is a picture of a palace in Japan. we took this picture when we were visiting on spring break. There are more people on the trains than there are driving. Cars in Japan can be used for eight years then they have to be crushed. My moms side of the family all live in Japan. I lived in there for a few years but I don't remember it, we left when I was like three. Now whenever we visit we get really spoiled, and the best thing is, my grandparents there live right beside a candy shop. we usually sleep on the tatami under layers and layers of thick heavy blankets. In Japan the baths are so huge and deep and they also have shower toilets (self explanatory). They live not to far from this empty lot so every time we visit we get chalk and tennis balls and play four square. We visit about once every year or two.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


meet simba. He's almost as dumb as he looks (that's saying something) but that doesn't stop him from being cute. This is a picture of him when he was about six months old. At this stage of his life, his goal was to destroy all of our possessions. In a few years we have managed to teach him how to sit and pull a sled. Pulling a sled doesn't really count because most of the time he's just chasing a bird or something and dragging whatever's attached to him. We tried to get him to master not craping and vomiting all over our house, but finally gave up and kept him outside. At one point we weren't coordinated about taking turns to feed him and he ended up having about seven meals a day. I guess this was better than the alternative but that didn't stop him from gaining 20 pounds that month. The vet said he had to go on a diet, that was not a good day for simba. Now that we moved to California he's staying at our grandparents house. They say he's doing fine except for his nasty habit of jumping on people and stealing their hats.